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A Reflection from the CEO
By William S. Hahn, CEO

The situation at the Capitol building in DC, as well as the breaching at the Texas and Georgia capitol buildings, will not result in anything positive for patriots. Violence is not an option. 
This highlights why our active work in creating educated electorates is so important. As JBS Founder Mr. Robert Welch said, “Education without action results in frustration.” 
We must be careful to not make assumptions until we know exactly what has happened.   
Early reports from some on the ground in DC are suggesting agent provocateurs broke into the buildings, attacked police, and the crowd entered the building once barriers were removed. 
History has shown us that many times things are not as they seem. We could say so much more about motive, false flags, etc., but again, we don't know.   
What we do know is how this will be used against us. Calls are already being made from Speaker Pelosi and other Democrats in Congress for Vice President Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to get President Trump out or face impeachment a second time. 
We know that the Left does not let a crisis go to waste.  With a Democratic House, Senate, and Presidential administration, the very scope of our Republic will come under attack once again, picking up where President Obama and Vice President Biden left off. 
Stopping the radical agenda in Congress will not be easy, but the effort to implement it through the states is where we can gain some real traction.  Remember, the size and scope of the American government has been under attack since just after the country was founded. That battle continues, and our adversary never rests. Our organization cannot either. 
If you’ve ever been up before dawn, especially if you’re a hunter sitting in your stand 30 minutes or more before sunrise, then you know it’s usually darkest and coldest just before the light. 
For many JBS members, President Donald Trump was a breath of fresh air. For the most part, he did not travel the same globalist path as previous presidents. The constant attacks from globalists against him seemed to prove the point, although he was far from a perfect constitutional president (have we ever had one?). He did implement the next step to the North American Union, the USMCA, as well as signed bills that ballooned the deficit and the debt. 
Yet, many ties were cut with the United Nations, economic balance finally swung the right way—reviving American manufacturing, pre-COVID unemployment was at a record low, and retirement accounts were enjoying large returns. Plus, the American military was less engaged in wars than ever before in recent memory. 
The attacks on President Trump, along with the crackdown of government tyranny, revealed to millions of freedom-loving Americans (regardless of political affiliation)  the conspiratorial agenda that JBS has exposed and warned about for 60+ years. 
Many Americans are depressed and feel like they have been punched in the gut. 
But folks, this is the time when your involvement is so very critical.  Our motto at The John Birch Society is “Less government, more responsibility, and – with God’s help – a better world.”  Not only is it our motto, it’s our mission.  We tend to largely focus on the first two parts of it, but it’s times like this that our focus needs to be on the last part.  With God’s help — a better world. 
God is not worried about the outcome of this election nor about what to do next.  We need to realize that He made each of us for just such a time.  He placed each of us here at this moment.  All according to His plan, not ours.   
The fight to deflect the coming onslaught of unconstitutional legislation begins today.  We’ve been through this before.  We know what to expect.  And we know what constitutional tools we can use to stop it or at least lessen its effects. 
Our Constitution still stands. Our state constitutions still stand.  Election fraud occurred, and we begin by cleaning up that mess first.  The battleground states need to be our first priority.  We can fix this.  
Restoring election integrity allows each American to get their vote back.  The bulk of the work is done by focusing on local and state legislators.  Not by Congress.   
Now that all of the state legislatures will be in session, we need to generate the pressure needed to make election reform the top priority.  This means mainly rolling back much of the damage that was created through the bureaucrats, judiciary, and tyrannical governors over the last year.  We are currently developing tools for you to use and will have them rolled out very soon. 
Stopping federal tyranny also involves going through local and state legislators.  The Founding Fathers gave us a tool called nullification that they said legislators are duty-bound to use when a usurpation of power occurs.  A usurpation occurs each time Congress passes legislation outside of its constitutional limitations. 
In fact, this is the ONLY tool that has lifted government tyranny in many locales and states across this nation during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
With the awakening in America, your neighbors, your church friends, your community organization friends, and many influential business owners in your area are now open to the JBS solution of righting the Republic. 
The election may be over, but the fight that began shortly after this country was founded, continues to be fought.  The question isn’t, “What will Trump do now?”  Rather, it’s, “What will you do now?” 
For us, it’s a matter of action.  Don’t take yourself out of this fight, but recommit to less government, more responsibility, and with God’s help a better world. 
Tools for our newest Restore Election Integrity campaign are in the works and will be out soon.  Of course, nullification tools are immediately available under our
Rein in Big Government With Article VI, Not V campaign (see our action pack for available tools, including booklets, DVDs, slim jims, and reprints). 
Plus, think about scheduling workshops for the Constitution is the Solution.  You can purchase these from our
online store or use the online videos and resources for free. 
More detailed instructions are being assembled for restoring election integrity, but the plan is based on a series of suggested changes for each state (you’ll have to ascertain which fits your state best).  These include the following: 
Reinstate paper ballots and optical scan vote counting equipment 
Restoring transparency in the vote process and counting process 
Reinstate precincts for casting ballots 
Holding firm on an Election Day, not week or month 
Abolishing certain forms of electronic voting 
Repeal laws allowing unattended ballot boxes, no-excuse absentee balloting, early voting, same-day voter registration or Internet registration 
Not allowing government employees to run the polls 
Plus others! 
Solutions to our electoral problems are not found in expensive new technologies that can’t be monitored by the public, but rather in restoring the use of tried-and-true methods of the past. 
We must also keep a close watch on new bills in Congress and in state legislatures that serve only to take a bad situation and make things worse. When considering the reforms, ask yourself, “Will it transfer power from the voters to those who run the elections or will it help return the power of the ballot box back to the voters where it belongs?” The future of our republic needs accurate, honest, and open elections. 
There has never been a time in history that has so badly needed The John Birch Society. Let’s clean up this mess and not only restore our freedom, liberties, and independence, but also defend them against what will surely be coming. 
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Your involvement is needed now more than ever.  With your help, we will fix this. 
May God bless our efforts and watch over us. 
Thank you in advance for your tireless efforts! 
William S. Hahn, CEO
The John Birch Society