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Aaron Auer was born in the Umpqua Valley and was taught to love Oregon. Honor and patriotism were instilled into his heart and soul while being raised on the Auer Jersey Farm. The family dairy farm won awards and had the reputation for being the cleanest in the state of Oregon and for producing the highest quality raw milk.

Aaron’s passion for sports and his athletic ability enabled him to excel in football, basketball, and baseball. In 1981, as quarterback for the South Umpqua Lancers, he led his team to a co-championship.

On January 13, 1985 prior to his 21st birthday Aaron gave his heart and life fully to the Lord. Shortly after his conversion he enrolled in Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma where he then graduated in 1988.

After much prayer, and without contacts or provision, he made a major step of faith. He journeyed to England on his own, and this endeavor opened doors for ministry in Europe in Bulgaria, Romania, and Czechoslovakia in the wake of the collapse of the Berlin wall.

Because of his heart’s desire to return home to Oregon, he knew it was time to pioneer a church which was then established in 1998 in Lake Oswego. During his time as Pastor he took his church to Alaska on a mission trip.

In 2005 he bravely joined with a company of people from around the nation who risked their lives and united in Pakistan, where they witnessed approximately 100,000 Muslims convert publicly to Christianity.

During a rally at the capitol on April 16, 2007 Aaron had a ‘burning bush’ experience while he beheld the mighty monument of the Circuit Riding Preacher. These are the words inscribed on Oregon’s living memorial: “Commemorating the labors and achievements of the Ministers of the Gospel who as circuit riders became the friends, counselors, and evangels to the pioneers on every American frontier.”

Aaron was then commissioned of the Lord to go tell the whole state of our rich heritage that we are rooted in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Upon one discovery after another through Oregon State Library, Oregon Historical Society, governmental documents, missionary history books, and Oregon’s greatest treasure THE BOOK OF HEAVEN (the book the Native Americans were searching for in their historic quest for the truth). Aaron answered the heavenly call.

In 2009, on the 150th birthday of statehood, Aaron led up the Line in the Sand Tour going to all 36 county court house seats reading a declaration that summons Oregonians back to our spiritual, educational, and governmental roots. He read this declaration to judges, commissioners, mayors, and other public leaders.

While on the tour he represented Jason Lee in authentic interpretive clothing. In so doing, Aaron revived the spirit of the Preaching Statesman - Oregon’s Trail Blazing missionary and Founding Father. He also came to the realization of the dire need to once again govern our great state of Oregon with another Preaching Statesman. After much prayer, the conviction of obligation and duty apprehended him to run for governor.

Aaron’s (and his father’s) love for Oregon was inherited. He truly loves you and all Oregonians.

Aaron Donald Auer - Running To Win!

Are you ready for a governor who will govern with 
Thee Governor: The Lord Himself 
The Book of Heaven, 
Our Heritage, and The Constitution? 
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