Constitution Party of Oregon
Vision & Mission Statement

'Freedom under God’ is the unique feature of political life in the United States of America that has set it apart from all other nations.

While this quality should be enjoyed by all peoples of the earth, it is in our own nation that it has flourished due to the faith and wisdom of the founding fathers who authored and established in law The Declaration of Independence and The United States Constitution. It is irrefutably the Bible which provided the spiritual and philosophical underpinnings for these two ‘freedom documents’. Indeed, the first-ever act of the U.S. Congress ordered that thousands of Bibles be printed for the essential spiritual maintenance of the nation.

Today, our state and nation no longer seem to recognize that we may enjoy freedom under God but that we cannot enjoy freedom without Him.

The Constitution Party of Oregon rises to be a voice for that basic truth. Toward that end we shall:

·         Organize in each of Oregon’s counties and provide a ‘place to stand’ for all those citizens who will join us in defending the fundamental principles of the party.

·         Put forth candidates for all offices who will be pledged to uphold the principles of the party.

·         Educate the public regarding the precious heritage of Liberty that prior generations of Americans have deeded us by their faithfulness and sacrifice.

·         Challenge ourselves to maintain the tradition of Liberty toward our posterity.

·         Be ‘watchmen’ providing warning and action when our Constitutionally recognized freedoms are being compromised.

We call upon all concerned citizens who have a patriotic love for this nation, for the God over it, for the people within it, for its glorious history, and who have a concern for its future to join with us as we engage its critical present.

Come be a part of the growing national movement to restore our United States of America to its original purpose--

‘Freedom under God’ for men, women, boys, and girls.