Party News

Sudden Passing of Our Chair

On February 16, 2023, our chair, Jack Alan Brown Jr. passed away suddenly.

With him went the knowledge of many of the procedures used by the Party, including the website development. Our acting chair called a meeting in November 2023, in which a new chair was elected for the interim.

Efforts are underway to build the Party structure to what it should be, with proper county organizations. Meetings for this purpose will be called on the third Saturday in April. On the fourth Saturday in May (May 25, 2024), immediately following the primary election, the Constitution Party will hold its own nominating convention at a place to be announced; also on the agenda at that meeting is the election of Party officers.

These elections will be held in accordance with Oregon Regulatory Statutes 254 and 248, with the Party bylaws, and Robert's Rules of Order.

Filing a Statement in the Voter's Pamphlet

The Secretary of State emailed "… to provide the information needed to file a Political Party Statement for inclusion in the State Voters’ Pamphlet for the 2024 Primary Election."

At the Primary Election, a statewide political party that intends to nominate candidates for the general election may file a voters’ pamphlet statement that argues for the success of its principles and the election of its candidates on a statewide or county basis or opposes the principles and candidates of other political parties or organizations on a statewide or county basis.

A current party officer must provide the Elections Division with the first and last name and contact information for the person authorized to file the statement; and The designated filer must email the statement, in a format compatible with Microsoft Word, to orestar‐

A statement submitted under this section will not be translated under ORS 251.170.

The filing must be received no later than 5:00:00 pm, March 14, 2024, or it will not be included in the State Voters’ Pamphlet.